Showing Recommendations for Highland Ponies in Australia



Pony: There should be no pulling or plaiting or trimming of mane and tail, nor feathers on the legs. Saddle and bridle paths should not be cut. Eye or other cosmetic make-up must not be applied under any circumstances. The pony should be shampooed, or thoroughly groomed to look and feel absolutely clean. Mane and tail brushed out well. Excessive hair under the chin etc. can be discreetly laid with a damp brush before going into the ring, but whiskers should not be trimmed. Hoofs should only be oiled or have clear polish. White markings should not be disguised.


Tack: In-hand snaffle bridle in immaculate condition or leather head collar with snaffle bit attached by straps. Plaited/adorned browbands should not be used. A showing roller with one side rein on the off-side can be used on stallions. Mares/young stock can be shown in a white cotton webbing halter.


Handler: Female - Well cut skirt (tartan or otherwise) or trousers. Showing cane. Male - Trousers or kilt with jacket, shirt and tie. Showing cane.






Pony: Ridden ponies for winter competitions or hunting may be clipped out always giving due regard to the above preparation rules. Legs should not be clipped in these cases. It should also be accepted that these clipped ponies may be placed somewhat lower in early, in-hand, spring show classes depending on the judges view.


Tack: Immaculate tack. Double bridle, pelham or suitable snaffle on young or novice ponies.


Rider: Breeches and boots, or jodphurs and jodphur boots. Tweed jacket with shirt and tie. Tweed jackets are preferred to black/navy. Gloves and cane/whip.





In general part bred highlands should be turned out according to their type, being plaited or left free.


Riding attire may be worn for in-hand classes.


Although tweed jackets are the tradition for the purebred ponies, they are not compulsory for part breds and plain jackets are acceptable.

Harkaway Lodge Ginger
Senlac Beinn Laddie
Harkaway Lodge Glengarry
Currie Park mare
Fyfedene Ridden
fyfedene led
Part bred highland pony
Part bred Currie Park TobermoryC38E8
Part bred highland pony
Children fancy dress.
Children ridden fancy dress