Part Bred Highland Ponies

​A part bred Highland Pony is a pony or horse who carries a minimum of 12.5% Highland Pony blood. Part bred ponies/horses are recorded within the Part bred register of the Australian Pony Stud Book Society (APSB).


The Highland Pony has been very successfully crossed with numerous horse breeds to produce a larger riding mount with the athletic ability of those breeds but the temperament and trainability of the Highland. One of the most common of these crosses is with a Thoroughbred, here and overseas, others include crosses with Arabians, Stock horses and Warmbloods amongst others. These crosses have been very successful in the competition arena both as dressage mounts and jumping horses.


Highlands have also been crossed with other pony breeds, including other Mountain & Moorland breeds, which produces a lighter frame riding mount, ideal for Pony Club and junior riders.

Highlands have also been crossed with larger heavy breeds, this was very popular in the past in the UK where Highlands were often crossed with Clydesdales.

Ballinton Jackaroo
Ballinton Snowy River