Subscriber's foals of 2021

Foals are listed according to the Australia's breeding season which runs from 1st of August to the 31st of July the following year.

Purebred foals (includes upgraded purebred Australian Highland Pony foals)
Croftcnoc Sapphire 1.jpg

Croftcnoc Saphire

Sire:      McInnesdene

Dam:     Croftcnc Jade

D.o.b.    11/09/2021

Croftcnoc Ava.JPG

Croftcnoc Ava

Sire:      Croftcnoc Carlyle

Dam:     Croftcnoc Allanah

D.o.b.    26/09/2021

Ruby Ridge Sruighlea

Ruby Ridge Sruighlea

Sire:      Gillean of Liosmor

Dam:     Devonfield Bronte

D.o.b.    16/11/2021