Subscriber's foals of 2019

Foals are listed according to the Australia's breeding season which runs from 1st of August to the 31st of July the following year.

Purebred foals (includes upgraded purebred Australian Highland Pony foals)

Pamtab Unnamed

Sire:       Bundabergdene

Dam:     Currie Park


D.o.b.    20/07/2019

               8 weeks premature


DG McNeill day 5 220819.JPG

Dungarron McNeill

Sire:       Croftcnoc MacAdie

Dam:     Rosedene

D.o.b.    16/08/2019

BK faileas

Beinn Kaldy Faileas

Sire:       Tarabrae Mallee

Dam:     Tarabrae Lechenaultia

D.o.b.    02/09/2019

Croftcnoc Jamieson.JPG

Croftcnoc Jamieson

Sire:       Croftcnoc Carlyle

Dam:     Jasminedene

D.o.b.    09/09/2019

PP Spirit

Pamtab Park Spirit 

Sire:       Bundabergdene

Dam:     Boronia (deceased)

D.o.b.    06/10/2019

               Orphaned short after


PP Laphroaig

Pamtab Park Laphroaig

Sire:       Fourmerk Royal Scott

Dam:     Donnadene

D.o.b.    12/10/2019

               6 weeks premature


Harkaway Lodge Ormiston

Sire:       Harkaway Lodge


Dam:     Harkaway Lodge Celeste

D.o.b.    14/10/2019

Rosemarkie Culardoch1.jpg

Rosemarkie Culardoch

Sire:       Gillean of Liosmor

Dam:     Shyladene

D.o.b.    22/10/2019

RM Goliath.jpg

Rosemarkie Goliath

Sire:       Roseamrkie Solomon

Dam:     Rosemarkie


D.o.b.    05/11/2019

HL Tympani

Harkaway Lodge Tympani

Sire:       Harkaway Lodge           


Dam:     Harkaway Lodge


D.o.b.    17/11/2019

HL Edmund

Harkaway Lodge Edmund

Sire:       Harkaway Lodge


Dam:     Harkaway Lodge Lace

D.o.b.    25/11/2019

RR Duncan

Ruby Ridge Duncan

Sire:       Fourmerk Royal Scott

Dam:     Devonfield Bronte

D.o.b.    31/12/2019

Australian Highland Pony breed up foals

Harkaway Lodge Harvest

Sire:       Harkaway Lodge Glengarry

Dam:     Harkaway Lodge Rhum Mae

D.o.b.    18/10/2019

Level:     FS Filly

HL Toffee

Harkaway Lodge Toffee

Sire:       Harkaway Lodge


Dam:     Harkaway Lodge Hannah

D.o.b.    07/01/2020

Part bred foals

Dungarron Caiseal

Sire:      Tain (PHAA x)

Dam:     Dungarron Keziah

D.o.b.    19/09/2019

Stannum Selene

Sire:       Gillean Of Liosmor (Imp)

Dam:     Stannum Black Widow

D.o.b.    20/09/2019

Stannum Sugar Plum

Sire:       Rosemarkie Solomon

Dam:     Stannum Mango (ASH)

D.o.b.    23/09/2019

Dungarron Earrach

Sire:      Tain (PHAA x)

Dam:     Rosemarkie Merrijig

D.o.b.    25/09/2019

Croftcnoc Lochaber Gold

Sire:      Barrymoor Dorian (Dec)

Dam:     Croftcnoc Crystal (WB)

D.o.b.    30/09/2019

Dungarron Ardrossan

Sire:      Tain (PHAA x)

Dam:     Dungarron Tamaris

D.o.b.    08/10//2019

               Deceased 09/10/2019

Harkaway Lodge Firefox

Sire:      Harkaway Lodge Glengarry

Dam:     Shalida Park Monique

              (Welsh Mountain Section A)

D.o.b.    20/10/2019

Stannum Swirl

Sire:      Rosemarkie Solomon

Dam:     Stannum Free Flow (ASH)

D.o.b.    31/12/2019

Stannum Sailor

Sire:      Rosemarkie Solomon

Dam:     Winiam Park Summer

               Rose (Welsh)

D.o.b.    30/01/2020

Stannum Sinbad

Sire:      Rosemarkie Solomon

Dam:     Nineta Brittany (ASH)

D.o.b.    08/03/2020

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