Subscriber's foals of 2016

Foals are listed according to the Australia's breeding season which runs from 1st of August to the 31st of July the following year.

Purebred foals (includes upgraded purebred Australian Highland Pony foals)

Croftcnoc Callum

Sire:       Croftcnoc Carlyle

Dam:     Croftcnoc Alannah

D.o.b.    09/08/2016

Croftcnoc Jemma

Sire:       Croftcnoc Carlyle

Dam:     Jasminedene

D.o.b.    11/09/2016

Pamtab Park Absolute

Sire:       Bundabergdene

Dam:     Currie Park Butterscotch

D.o.b.    03/10/2016

Rosemarkie Drummond

Sire:       Barrymoor Macgregor

Dam:     Currie Park Isle of Sky

D.o.b.    28/10/2016

Rosemarkie Locket

Sire:       Barrymoor Macgregor

Dam:     Roslyndene

D.o.b.    17/11/2016

Tarabrae Banksia

Sire:       Fourmerk Royal Scott

Dam:     Currie Park Kilbride

D.o.b.    27/11/2016

Rosemarkie Constance

Sire:       Barrymoor Macgregor

Dam:     Rosemarkie Clementine

D.o.b.    08/12/2016

Rosemarkie Lexie

Sire:       Barrymoor Macgregor

Dam:     Adelaidedene

D.o.b.    10/12/2016

Pamtab Park Glenfiddich

Sire:       Bundabergdene

Dam:     Devonfield Bronte

D.o.b.    24/12/2016

Tarabrae Rhodanthe

Sire:       Fourmerk Royal Scott

Dam:     Currie Park Tiree

D.o.b.    04/01/2017

Australian Highland breed up foals

Tarabrae Drakaea

Sire:       Tarabrae Wollemi

Dam:     Harkaway Lodge Astra

D.o.b.    02/12/2016

Level:    AHL Gelding

Part bred foals

Beinn Kaldy Jumbuk

Sire:       Tarabrae Mallee

Dam:     Astbury Cinderella (ASHA)

D.o.b.    03/01/2017

Dungarron Tain

Sire:       Croftcnoc Mac Adie

Dam:     Hustle Me Dreams (PHAA)

D.o.b.    31/03/2017

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