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Croftcnoc Clayton


D.O.B. :  25/09/2018

HEIGHT : 14hh

Reg. : APSB 79285 HL

SIRE : Croftcnoc Carlyle

DAM : Croftcnoc Alannah



Croftcnoc Stud : Anna Thirkell

Phone : 0447344005

email : thirkl@dcsi.net.au




Clayton is a loveable, cheeky fellow. He loves to be in the action and attention. He is very easy to catch, tie up, groom, wash, he is fully rugged, has had teeth done by professional equine dentist, hooves trimmed by farrier, floats well, he is happy to be paddocked with others or on his own.

He has been professionally handled at weaning where he learnt to catch, lead and tie up well and be transported. He was then spelled in with our other young ponies and brood mares.

As a two-year-old, he was again professionally handled and then came home for another spell.

In October 2021 he was professionally started under saddle, with WJC Equine Services, he has been ridden in the bush, through water, dams and roads with traffic, up dirt tracks etc. He is used to cattle, dogs, tractors, four wheel bikes and general farm life.
Clayton is a good doer and does well on pasture and good quality grass hay. He has good tough feet.

His rider is 18 now and has been educating him on the flat on the arena, he enjoys the work. She has taken him over the trot poles, small logs, cavaletti jumps, the bridge, over the tarp, around the paddocks, down the laneways and lots more as kids do! He lunges well and is good to lead off another pony also.

I completed the Highland Ponies Australia Virtual Challenge with him, in September 2021, where we had to do 15 different activities, the tarp, lead in hand, walk on the float, walk thru a small space, through streamers, the bridge, under a covered area, carry water, up a steep incline etc. He completed all the tasks.

Clayton has 3 full siblings: Cameron in West Australia, Callum in South Australia and a new little sister born this Spring. All are grey, so his bay colour is rare. He posses all the typical Highland features, wide between the eyes, good bone, hard feet, lots of hair and good feathers.

As Clayton is only three years old, he needs a confident capable rider to help guide him through his work, he is forward moving and willing and needs lots and lots of hours in the saddle. He is currently not suitable for a nervous rider, beginner, or child. He is still quite green and needs the rider’s guidance. He will make a very good all round mount as he likes to do different activities and will make a super performance pony of the future.

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a saddle pony from Croftcnoc Highlands, Clayton will only be sold to the most suitable rider and home. For genuine enquiries only please. Price on application.

Located West Gippsland Victoria.